Compliance mailbox and complaints channel


La Finca Global Assets Socimi, S.A. (LAFINCA) is committed to compliance with legal regulations at the highest level, and has established a Crime Prevention Model (CPM) collecting criminal risks to which it may be subject, the main controls available for mitigation, as well as relevant aspects demonstrating the existence of an organization and management model with the appropriate monitoring and control measures to prevent and, where appropriate, detect the occurrence of criminal offenses within the Company.

In this context, LAFINCA has made available to its employees and third parties two CPM non-compliance complaint procedures, one through a Compliance Mailbox or Complaints Channel, at or, and the other one through a Complaints Channel email, at [email protected].

Both with the aim of detecting and preventing non-compliance with the CPM, through the communication of irregularities or inappropriate behaviour that may violate the provisions of the CPM or the Company’s Code of Conduct.

LAFINCA guarantee both the absolute confidentiality of the data of the complainants and the total absence of reprisals for the complaints they may submit. Complainant data shall be provided only when requested by the Public Administration or a Court.

The Compliance Mailbox is managed by an external party to reinforce objectivity and maintain anonymity, with communications being made in a secure and confidential manner. Complaints filed either way shall be treated in accordance with the rules for the protection of the personal data obtained, and anonymous complaints shall also be admitted on the Compliance Mailbox.